PointClickCare CNA

PointClickCare CNA is a comprehensive and powerful platform designed to help nursing professionals with easy document assessments and provide quality care to their clients. This is a revolutionary digital system that allows nurses to capture patient data in a very less time, helps to track their patient progress over time, generate reports etc – all while eliminating tedious paperwork. With its friendly user interface, secure infrastructure, and advanced analytics capabilities, PointClickCare CNA makes it easier than ever before to ensure every patient receives the best care they deserve.

The need for an innovative solution arose from many manual processes that take up precious time when providing patient care. With the help of cutting-edge technology, PointClickCare CNA was created with a mission to streamline nursing assessments and make the caring process quicker, easier, and more effective. The platform provides nurses with efficient tools for accurately capturing reliable data to improve patient care and enhance their overall experience.

What is CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are healthcare professionals who provide direct patient care and assistance with activities of daily living under the supervision of a Registered or Licensed Practical Nurse. They primarily work in long-term care facilities, but can also be found in hospitals, assisted living facilities, group homes, etc. CNAs provide essential patient care services such as checking vital signs, helping with bathing and grooming, and assisting with medical equipment. They also ensure that patients take their prescribed medications on time and in proper amounts. CNA’s are an integral part of the healthcare team and play a vital role in providing quality patient care.

Overview of the PCC CNA Platform

PointClickCare CNA has a wide range of features to ensure that nurse-led care is as efficient as possible. With an easy-to-use user interface, nurses can access patient records fast, can track progress over time, and generate understandable reports. User permissions on the platform are fully customizable, allowing administrators to control access to certain functions or data points.

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The platform also includes advanced analytics capabilities, giving clinical staff insight into patient trends and enabling them to anticipate potential issues. This helps nursing teams make more informed decisions that support positive outcomes for patients – all while abiding by legal requirements set forth by federal and state regulations. Additionally, PointClickCare CNA is regularly updated with new features focused on improving ease of use, so nurses can focus more on what matters most: providing high-quality care for their clients.

Benefits of using PointClickCare CNA

With PointClickCare CNA, nurses can securely access patient records, track improvement progress, and generate reports. Moreover, the platform offers additional features to ensure efficient and effective nurse-led care. Administrators can customize user permissions for secure data access, and analytics provide insight into patient trends to make decisions more confidently. Plus, the platform is updated regularly with new features designed to improve usability, so nurses are better equipped to deliver quality patient care.

The PointClickCare CNA platform provides many benefits for nursing professionals and their patients. These include:

  • Streamlined documentation process that reduces paperwork and saves time.
  • Intuitive user interface that makes patient data easy to access and manage.
  • Customizable user permissions for secure, controlled access to information.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities that help anticipate potential issues and make informed decisions.
  • Regular updates with new features focused on improving ease of use.

How to use PointClickCare CNA

  1. Start by signing up for an account with PointClickCare CNA and receive your user credentials.
  2. Log into the platform using your credentials, customize any necessary permissions, and add/edit patient data as required.
  3. Utilize advanced analytics capabilities to identify trends in patient care or anticipate potential issues.
  4. Generate reports to track patient progress over time and use the intuitive UI to access patient files and update when needed.
  5. Benefit from regular updates that improve the platform’s usability and ensure delivery of quality nursing care is even easier than before.


  • Create user permissions for secure data access.
  • Generate patient-specific reports.
  • Show insight into patient trends.
  • Upload the latest features to improve usability. 
How to use PointClickCare CNA

PointClickCare CNA Login

  1. Sign up for an account and receive login credentials.
  2. Log in with the provided credentials, and customize any necessary permissions.
  3. Enter patients into the search bar or navigate to the ‘Patients’ page within the platform.
  4. View all available patient information, generate reports for tracking progress, and select the one needed for viewing or editing purposes.
  5. Benefit from regular updates that ensure secure access to data and offer improved usability of PointClickCare CNA.

Documenting Assessment

Selecting the proper assessment type in PointClickCare CNA is critical for effective patient care. First, nurses must assess their patient’s needs, whether for a new or existing condition. Depending on the examination, nurses can then review and select the appropriate assessment type from the available list within PointClickCare CNA. After selecting their selection, nurses can provide detailed information about their patient’s condition and record any changes. In addition, they can access assessment results and other data quickly in real-time, providing valuable insights into how to support their patients’ health goals best. With this powerful toolset at their disposal, nurses can ensure that they use the best approach to assessing their patients’ needs over time.

After documenting an assessment within PointClickCare CNA, nurses can save their work in a few simple steps. First, they can review their assessment and ensure all required fields, such as date and type, are accurately entered. Once everything is correct, nurses can click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. This will ensure that the assessment is securely stored for future use, allowing nurses to keep accurate records without starting from scratch each time. In addition, nurses can access their saved assessments quickly through desktop and mobile versions of PointClickCare CNA. With this helpful feature, nurses can be sure their hard work won’t go to waste, allowing them to focus on providing exemplary patient care.

Finding saved Assignments

PointClickCare CNA allows nurses to access their saved assessments at any time quickly. By navigating to the ‘Assessments’ section of the software, nurses can quickly review a list of their previously completed assessments. They can filter through their assessments by date, type, or patient name to find exactly what they need in seconds. In addition, PointClickCare CNA allows their users to store more than one assessment for each patient, giving them easy access to information about that patient over time. With this feature, nurses can be sure that they’re able to refer back to past records quickly and accurately when needed.

PointClickCare CNA is an innovative and reliable tool that simplifies clinical documentation. By using this software, nurses can access their saved assessments when needed. On top of this, PointClickCare CNA allows users to store more than one assessment for each patient, giving them easy access to information about that patient over time. In addition, PointClickCare CNA also comes with secure storage solutions and cloud integration, so data is always backed up and safe from external sources. Finally, nurses can be sure that they’re able to refer back to past records quickly and accurately when needed.

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